What our Customers are Saying

Monica L.

We called Patrick after reading all the positive reviews from Yelp and he was very flexible on his availability (could do the inspection on weekday evenings or weekends given the short notice). He showed up onsite ahead of time and started the outside inspection right away (before our agent showed up with the key).

We are first time home buyers who didn’t know much about anything before reading his detailed inspection report. He found mold defect and a bunch of safety issues which we were not expecting before we signed the contract (the house looked sparking and very “move-in ready”).

We ended up pulling ourselves out from that specific contract but couldn’t be happier that we avoided this potential money pit. Two months later, we found another house and contacted him again. He delivered the excellent services and answered all my questions. We would highly recommend him to anyone who has the need of finding a great inspector. Keep up the great work, Patrick!

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